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How often can I do a juice cleanse?  Its entirely up to you and depends on your goals.  
How long do the Juices Last?  Up to 3 days in the fridge, otherwise put them in the freezer and defrost as required.
Are your juices 100% juice extracted from fruit and vegetables?  The juices are 100% pure fruit, vegetables and wheatgrass.  There are no additives or preservatives and are none of the products are 'bulked up' with water!
Why do the juices separate?  Natural settling is normal due to lack of additives.  Just give it a shake.
What if I'm allergic to an ingredient?  The juices are individually made and if there's a problem with any of the ingredients please contact us at and we can discuss alternatives.
Why is cold pressed the best extraction method? More than any other type of juicer cold pressed juicers produce less heat, thereby retaining more vitamins, minerals and enzymesIs there more nutrition in fresh juice?  Yes! Fresh juices haven't been heat treated/pasteurised, retaining their vitamins/ minerals/ live enzymes.
Will I have any side effects?  You may for the first couple of days experience fatigue, headaches, maybe even nausea.  Most individuals are absolutely fine, but symptoms may occur depending on how much your body needs to detox e.g. coffee withdrawal may cause headaches.  Symptoms may reduce with additional hydration.
Can I drink coffee during a cleanse?  Preferably  not.  For best results stick to herbal teas or still / sparkling water.
Why are your juices 500ml? We're aiming for 10 pieces of fruit and veg a day into your system and a portion is roughly classed as a handful a day.  Our juices are 500ml to pack in as much of your daily recommendation as possible.
What are your bottles made from? Fully recyclable PET plastic.
Can I order from anywhere in the UK?  We deliver anywhere mainland UK at a small additional cost
Does delivery cost more?  There is an additional charge for next day delivery
Are they frozen when I receive them?  No, they are delivered express in special insulated boxes to keep them fresh and at a cold temperature
I hope all your questions have been answered.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you require more information
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