The Shots...

A 60ml shot to knock back is truly a refreshing way to start the day by revving up your metabolism.

Ginger Bomb

An apple and ginger all combined gives a powerful hit first thing in the morning.  Immune boosting and anti-inflammatory, this intense shot packs a punch, promoting intestinal health and good bacteria in the colon.  May help relieve the symptoms of colds, give energy levels a boost and speed up metabolism.  

Lemon Blast

An apple, lemon and home grown wheatgrass shot gives a strong citrus blast to get your metabolism firing.  High in Vitamin C to boost your immune system, this is a potent little mixture to reduce inflammation, aid digestion, cleanse the blood and make your skin glow.  Acts as an anti-oxidant to reduce cell damage from free radicals in your system.  Wheatgrass is so full of chlorophyll it is known as condensed solar energy.  Human blood is practically identical to chlorophyll so it is no surprise it is cited as a power cleanser of the blood from toxins.  Wheatgrass is high in Vitamin A, C, E, iron, magnesium, calcium and amino acids.  Of the 17 amino acids found in wheatgrass, 8 are thought to be essential to human health.  Powdered forms are thought to contain mainly fibre after being heat treated, so fresh is best!