Why am I hungry?

There are quite a few possible reasons why you feel hungry and want to snack all the time.  A lot of it comes from conditioning due to advertising and the continual brain washing we receive from large companies selling their brands, but some of it comes from FALSE HUNGER PANGS, which we can do a lot to confront!  Here's a few reasons I think are worth pointing out...
FIRST of all...its quite simple...are you eating enough of the RIGHT kind of food?
If you don't feed your body the array of nutrients it needs on a daily basis...it WILL send messages to your brain saying 'I'm still hungry, feed me.'  It does this in the hope it will then receive the right kind of nutrients to keep it happy and healthy!  So...feed your body LIVE, RAW, NATURAL, HEALTHY food and it will be so much more content!  
SECONDLY...have you been eating a lot of the WRONG kind of food?
Years of a bad diet based on processed food full of bad fats, refined sugars and salt...all aimed at keeping you hooked...have the adverse effect of creating excess mucous on the lining of you intestines.  This impairs nutrient absorption!  Yes, really!  Health is not just about what you eat but what you are able to absorb!  Incorporating juice into your diet is fantastic because the juice finds it easier to find a pathway through the mucous and start the process of healing your body with  vital LIVE, RAW, NATURAL, HEALTHY vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  Bad diets lead to malnourishment, tiredness, lethargy, listlessness...it's a more common problem than you think!  
THIRDLY...are you actually eating enough?  Does your body get enough FUEL?
Metabolism is slowed down if you don't eat enough calories.  Eating LIVE, RAW, NATURAL, HEALTHY food allows you to eat so much more with the added benefit of feeling sufficiently full and not slowing down your metabolism.
LASTLY...there's the INSULIN problem.
Sugar foods are on the biggest addictions in the western world and one of the biggest causes of disease.  Sugar doesn't even wait until it reaches your intestines where you normally absorb your nutrients, it gets straight into the blood stream the minute it hits your stomach, giving you an instant blast of glucose!  Blood sugar levels rocket affecting your blood PH.  What happens next? Insulin is released to sort the problem and that's where the feel good rush sets in!  The insulin sorts the glucose issue and you instantly feel empty, craving more sugar.  Its a vicious circle!  If on the other hand you eat LIVE, RAW, NATURAL, HEALTHY food instead, keeping your glucose levels balanced, you will feel satisfied for much longer as energy is released into your system at a slow, steady rate with no rapid insulin spikes!

So...do you see THE THEMELIVE, RAW, NATURAL, HEALTHY food!  Its the natural solution to curbing your hunger pangs!  Juices, salads, raw fruit and vegetables...incorporate these into your daily diet and start to feel better!