So Why Juice?

Juicing is a fantastic way to supplement your diet and lead a healthier lifestyle.  Most of us don't get the daily recommended quantity of fruit and vegetables...did you know its up to 10 a day in the UK after studies done in various academic institutes (including Harvard University, USA!)  In Japan the recommendation is 17!  Wow!  Not an easy feat...each and every day.  Juicing solves the problem...with 4-5 pieces in most juices you can tick the box for half the quota by the time breakfast is over!

The New Scientist..."Pass the fruit bowl.  Five a day just doesn't cut it anymore - we should be eating 10 portions of fruit and veg a day to reduce our chances of dying from a heart attack or cancer." for the technical stuff...Have you heard of ENZYMES?!
Enzymes are the worker bees of your body, looking after the chemical reactions for everything that happens!  There are trillions of cells all depending on chemical reactions to perform their function.  Enzymes make it happen!

So what's the problem?
We have a finite amount of enzymes in our body over a lifetime.  After the age of approx. 25 the body starts to distribute them in smaller quantities. supplement this and protect our enzyme supply into our old age...we need to boost this supply with enzymes found in food.  We do need them alive however.  After 40deg C they are denatured and no use to anyone.  Cooking therefore becomes an issue when it comes to enzymes!  The solution...incorporate an element of RAW food into your diet in the form of juices / smoothies, in addition to that salad I know you're already eating!  In turn, have a longer and healthier lifespan! Simply as much raw food as you can...think JUICE !

Ever feel overworked?
One of the biggest jobs your body has to perform on a daily basis is DIGESTION!  Its a huge job that's made so much harder if you are eating the wrong kinds of foods - processed foods, unhealthy snacks, foods high in salt, sugar and unhealthy fat, even too much cooked food.  You know the sort of things I'm talking about.  Because all this energy goes towards digestion, you can be left feeling tired, lethargic and even a bit listless.  Doesn't sound like fun!  Juice delivers much needed LIVE, BIOAVAILABLE nutrients to your body in record time (approx 15 mins) whilst placing a very light load on your digestive system.   Simply a bit selfish, keep that energy for yourself and give your body a break...think JUICE!

So what about the Fibre?
Good health needs a healthy colon.  Waste that's allowed to linger in the colon starts to decompose, with the by-products potentially being reabsorbed into the blood stream, causing all sorts of problems for the body.  Doesn't sound like fun!  There is no actual nourishment in fibre, but its function is to act like an intestinal broom and sweep the by products through the bowels, keeping them healthy and free of decomposed matter.  Fortunately when we juice we retain the SOLUBLE FIBRE, the function of which is to absorb water as it passes through the body, bulking up our stools and maintaining healthy bowel movements.  Long term, the ideal scenario is replacing one meal a day with a healthy juice, or taking it as a snack.  This allows you access to all the live nutrients and enzymes, then eat a fibre rich diet for the rest of the day.  So...always incorporate a good amount of fiber in your diet...think JUICE!

Should we not eat solid food?
Of course you should!   The body is designed to eat solid food.  Juicing doesn't replace all solids unless you are on a cleanse / detox program or you are trying to kickstart a weight loss program.  A great way to incorporate juicing into your life is to have one a day, maybe as your breakfast or as a healthy snack. Do you want to eat 4-5 bits of uncooked veg for breakfast every day?  Me neither, but I do want the nutrition from them! Simply put...if you don't want to eat it, drink it...think JUICE!

I've been ill...can juicing help?
Yes it can and shows amazing results for many people.  When you are in a weakened state and don't have a lot of energy, juices can take the strain off your system giving you a better chance at healing, while blasting your body with much needed nutrients and enzymes.  Simply put...heal your body, boost your immune system...think JUICE!

Will I lose weight?
Yes, juicing is an effective weight loss tool as long as you stick to the plan.  If undertaking a juice cleanse, weight loss is basically achieved by reducing your calorie intake.  We provide juices which are mainly vegetable based with an addition of fruit to sweeten the taste and make the juices fabulously palatable.  Ratio tends to be 80:20 veg to fruit, reducing sugar levels in the juices and keeping the calorie count lower.  Calorie count of the juices are ingredient dependent but are approx. 200 calories each.  Smoothies are slightly higher in calories with the addition of avocado, but are approx. 300 calories each.  The more your body is satisfied with nutrient content, the less you will crave eating other less healthy foods.  If you go straight back to bad eating habits afterwards, you are however likely to gain weight back.  By incorporating a daily juice thereafter into your diet, you are helping to satisfy the bodies need for nutrients and helping work towards a healthier diet and lifestyle.